Self-loading mixer

Concrete machine supplied by DASION Machinery

Self-loading mixer including DS1.5 and DS3.5 self-loading transit mixer are designed and manufactured using key components from Europe or lastest technology. And self-loading concrete mixer are 4×4 drives with off-road capability and deliver real concrete with a high performance, cost reduction, productivity and safety.

Self-loading mixer makes full use of the function of concrete mixer truck and mixing station, which realizes the automatic loading, metering, mixing and discharging of concrete. Self loading concrete mixers can realize the transportation of concrete at construction sites.

Features and Advantages of DS self-loading transit mixer:
Self loading concrete mixer presents itself as the solution to visibility issues that every other conventional mixer suffers from. Dead angles which inhibit direct view can affect safety and productivity, delaying return on your investment. The mixer addresses this problem with superior visibility.
The cab is integral with a rotating frame. Therefore the operator is in visual contact with drum outlet and bucket assembly through the full 360 degrees. On-ground supervision is kept to a minimum and cycle times are reduced.
The self loading truck mixer presents itself as the solution to productivity and usability issues that every other conventional mixer suffers from. It is the solution to idle times and cycle-related inefficiencies. Full angle –continuous rotation is intended for active time increase and efficiency enhancement. Experience usability of your machine for loading materials and casting concrete through 360 degrees.
Customize your machine according to your needs…Conventional bucket or clamshell bucket. Skimmer or on-road- on-rail use. Pressure transducers or load cells for weighing. Alternative environment friendly powertrain solutions and Electric propulsion soon available.
This self mixing concrete truck is simply unconventional, totally unique. Efficacy and Efficiency are built into a muscular, elegant, tough and refined design. Attention to detail makes the extraordinary.
Both interior and exterior are a breakthrough in construction machinery design. We went for lightweight structures while still keeping an eye on robustness, durability and reliability.
It has been designed with operator’s safety and comfort in mind. Noise and vibrations have been carefully analyzed according to ISO standards and kept to a minimum. Passive and Active protection devices are installed for outstanding safety compliance.

Self-loading mixer can improve the working efficiency and reduces the production time and cost.

DS1.5 self-loading transit mixer main technical parameters:

Item specifications
Drum capacity 2.2m3
Output volume 1.5m3
Filling ratio 66%
Productivity Up to 4 batches per hour 6m3/h
Engine Xinchai A498, diesel, water-cooled, 42kw/2200rpm
transmission 4 wheel drive,2steering
Slope 30%
speed Low: 0-10km/h, high: 0-25km/h
Driving seat Front cab on side of loading shovel. ROPS-FOPS type complete
Joymix All hydraulic function of shovel controlled by a single-fully servo controlled Joystick
Shovel 150L, complete with hydraulic opening gate
Chute Slewing, fitted with two pins easily detachable to increase the discharge height
Water system Self contained, hydraulic driven water pump, high pressure water pump & washing gun
brake Wet brake, dual independent hydraulic circuits
types Construction tyres: 14-17.5
Electric system 24volt
Tanks Water: 400L, diesel: 80L, hydraulic oil: 100L
Weight 3100kgs
Overall dimensions Length 4.2m; width 2.1m; height:2.5m
Wheel base 2.0m

DS3.5 Self-loading mixers main technical specifications

Item specifications
Mixing system Drum capacity: 4.4m3
Discharging capacity: 3.5m3/tank
Double helix,emergency unloading cover
Reverse when unload
Capacity 4tanks/hr
Diesel engine Commins engine / Yuchai engine
Rotate speed: 2200r/min
Rated power:82KW
transmission 4 wheel drive,2steering
speed Low: 0-10km/h, high: 0-20km/h
Loader control Hydraulic 4 way stick
Loader 600L, hydraulic valve
Chute Angle control hydraulic
Water system Hydraulic water pump
brake Hydraulic brake, front and rearindependent system
Tire 16/70-20
Electric system 24volt
Tanks Water: 2x380L, diesel: 150L, hydraulic oiltank: 125L
Weight 7500kg
Overall dimensions Length 7.1m; width 2.44m; height:3.3m

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Self-loading mixer

Self-loading mixer

Self-loading mixer