JZR diesel engine concrete mixer

Concrete machine supplied by DASION Machinery

JZR diesel engine concrete mixer is widely applied to small and medium sized projects, such as, road, bridge, wharf, and water conservancy and civil engineering, diesel cement mixer is also used to mix dry concrete, harsh concrete, plastic concrete and semi-rigid concrete.

The features of JZR diesel engine concrete mixer
◆ Adopts hydraulic operated hoppers or hydraulic tipping hoppers
◆ For gas/oil/diesel powered mixers, always shut off before fueling
◆ Adopts automatic water control system or a water pump for water circulation to keep the water temperature to be stable and reduce water waste
◆ Installed with easy-to-clean steel chassis, reduce the maintenance cost
◆ High specification gearbox also can make routine maintenance fast and simple
◆ Electro-hydraulic discharge gate operation with 16HP power
◆ Air Intake Vent can make the concrete uniform
◆ Bipyramidal reversal discharging
◆ Manual loading and on wheel for easy dragging with lockable engine compartment

Compositions of diesel cement mixer
1. Mixing cylinder;
2. Feeding and discharging system;
3. Water supply system;
4. Transmission system;
5. Frame;
6. Road wheel;
7. Supporting device.

Advantages of JZR diesel engine concrete mixer
1. Simple and compact structure;
2. Light weight and easy mobility;
3. Short mixing time and good mixing quality;
4. Faster discharging and less residual;
5. High productivity and low energy consumption;
6. Easy operation and maintenance;
7. High reliability and uniform mixing;
8. Electricity resources conservation and environmental protection;
9. Save manpower.

Working Principles of diesel cement mixer
Diesel concrete mixers for sale belong to free-fall double cones mixers, put the mixing materials into a stirring mixing drum, with the rotation of mixing drum, the blades in mixing drum lift the mixing materials to certain height and fall freely by the weight. Cycle this process until the concrete is homogeneous. In short, when the mixer rotates clockwise, mixes all the materials, when the diesel cement mixer rotates in anti-clockwise direction, discharges the concretes.

JZR diesel engine concrete mixer has characteristics of cold-resistant, heat-resistant and high pressure resistant. The diesel cement mixer can be used in terrible weather conditions areas.

JZR diesel engine concrete mixer main technical specification

Model JZR350W
Wire rope hoisting tipping hopper
Hydraulic tipping hopper
Hydraulic tipping hipper
Discharging volume 350L 350L 500L
Charging volume 560L 560L 800L
Water tank  (Optional) 110L 110L 110L
Capacity 10-14m3/h 10-14m3/h 18-22m3/h
Power source Diesel engine, single cylinder, water-cooled with battery starter
Power 16HP 16HP 18HP
Drum rotating-speed 13r/min 13r/min 13r/min
Max. dragging speed 20km/h 20km/h 20km/h
Dragging 2 tyres 2 tyres / 4 tyres 2 tyres / 4 tyres
Total weight 1850kg 1790 / 1840kg 2150 /2200kg
Dimension 3100x2320x3070mm 3250x2240x3200mm 3750x2240x3800mm

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JZR diesel engine concrete mixer

JZR diesel engine concrete mixer

JZR diesel engine concrete mixer