JD single-shaft concrete mixer

Concrete machine supplied by DASION Machinery

JD single-shaft concrete mixer is single axle concrete mixer can be dragged by tyre, used for producing plasticity, half-dry hard-concrete, dry hard concrete, asphalt and mortar. And the mixer used for construction sites, roads, bridge. JDC350, JDC500, JDY350 and JDY500 is our main design model.

Features of JD single-shaft concrete mixer:
Full height wall liners are reversible for extra wear and longer service life. Floor liners can be replaced without removing wall liners.
Air activated rack and pinion assembly makes discharge door openings smooth and positive. One door standard, up to 3 doors optional
Cushioned mixing power. Arms flex both up and back allowing any material lodged under the paddles to be released. Increases productivity while reducing stress and wear on the mixer arms and liners.
Compact profile and low headroom allows mixer to be installed in tight quarters.
Both style transmissions use a flow through lubrication which keeps bearings and gears properly lubricated. Reduces heat build up and increases component life.
Top dust cover panels provides dust free environment while allowing ample access for fast charging from any direction.
Spinner assembly features unitized construction and ensures consistent high quality mix.

JD single axle concrete mixer mixers mounted on concrete batch plants are available in capacities from 2 to 5 cubic yards, with either a V-belt or direct drive transmission.The compulsory mixer is designed and constructed to deliver consistent quality in your end product each and every time. Paddle design and placement assures superior mixing, while eliminating dependence on gravity.

JDC single shaft concrete mixers application
JDC series are single shaft concrete mixers. The single shaft mixer adopts hydraulic lifting hopper and tipping discharge technology. And also, its rotary vane can mix material strongly through axial direction mixing and tangential mixing. So the single shaft mixer has good mixing effect and low energy consumption, quick discharging speed, simple operation. The rotation of mixing shaft and vane can raise the aggregate to a certain height, and then make aggregate free fall. The lifting and falling of aggregate is a mixing process. The mixer is mainly used to mix plastic concrete, hard-dry concrete, fluid concrete and light aggregate. It is a right choice for medium and small scale of construction works, which is also suitable for bridges, roads and so on.

JDC single-shaft concrete mixer main technical parameters:

Itemparameter model JDC350 JDC500
Dischargingcapacity(L) 350 500
feedingcapacity(L) 560 800
Maximum aggregate sizes(pebble/gravel)(mm) 80/60 80/60
Mixing time(s) 30 30
Working circle time(h) 50 70
Production rate(m3/h) 17.5 25-30
Mixing blades rotating-speed(r/min) 27.6 27.6
Speed of hopper lifting(m/min) 19 19
Motor Mixing motor Y160L-4B5 Y160L-4B5
Power (kW) 15 18.5
Hoist motor YEJ112M-4 YEJ112M-4
Power (kW) 4.5 5.5
Pump motor 50DW18-8A 50DW18-8A
Power(kW) 0.75 0.75
Discharge capacity(m3/h) 18 18
Discharge motor Y100L2-4 YEJ112M-4
Power(kW) 3 3
Water supply mode Time relay Time relay
Total weight(kg) 3700 4000
Dimension(mm) 2400*2650*3200 2800*2800*3300

JDY single axle concrete mixer main technical parameters:

Model JDY350(hydraulic) JDY500(hydraulic)
Dischargingvolume(L) 350 500
Charging volume(L) 560 800
Capacity(m3/h) 18-21 25-30
Max.aggregate size(mm) 60/40 80/60
Mixing blades rotating-speed(r/min) 28 24
Motors power(kW) 19.55 24.75
Mixing time(s) 30 30
Dimension (mm) 2600*2600*3100 2820*2900*3260
Dragging speed(km/h) 20 18
Total weight(kg) 3700 4000

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JD single-shaft concrete mixer

JD single-shaft concrete mixer

JD single-shaft concrete mixer