HZS belt type concrete mixing plant

Concrete machine supplied by DASION Machinery

HZS belt type concrete mixing plant is widely applied in the cross-sea construction projects and cross-sea bridge construction and suitable for big and medium construction projects. HZS50, HZS75 and HZS100, with the advantages of environmental protection, energy-saving, high-efficiency, stability and safety.

HZS belt type concrete mixing plant is suitable for big and medium construction projects, which consists of belt conveyor, screw conveyor, concrete silos, aggregate bins, support frame, concrete mixer, Batch belt, load mixed points, with 4 aggregates receiving hoppers below grounds, vertical elevator cups etc.

HZS belt type concrete mixing plant drawing

Belt type concrete mixing plant

01 Aggregate Feeding and conveying System:
Aggregate hoppers individual weighing system is used.
The trough type conveyor belts are used to occupy small space and achieve high conveying efficiency.

02 Compact Structure:
Each module designed based on the hull scantling has a compact structure to maximize the effective area for utilization of hull.
All bare parts use the anti-sea wind-corrosion design.

03 Powder weighing System:
Connection of the big end and the small end can avoid the influence the Screw conveyor has on Powder scale.
Reasonable permeability design can balance Powder scale pressure effectively avoid impacts.

04 Liquid weighing System:
Rough and precise measurement can automatically add lose and remove the extra, and make sure measure accurately.
Independent admixture weighs. Adding in advance and adding later are both feasible.

05 Mixing System:
The JS/SUN series mixer can be applied to all kind of production process.

06 Intelligent Control System:
There are three ways to operate including automatic, semi-automatic, manual, making the production control easier.
Monitor production in real-time and all rounds.
Report can be classified, collected, inquired and customized
Production data can be found by Cloud. Remote service is timely and fast.
The high-way mixing station control system is specially designed for high-way.

07 Demand Customization:
Mixer High Pressure Clean System
Mixer Monitoring and Control System
Wet concrete recycling system System

HZS belt type concrete mixing plant flowchart


HZS belt type concrete mixing plant main technical data

Model HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS150/180 HZS200/240
Capacity 60m3/h 90m3/h 120m3/h 180m3/h 240m3/h
Mixing system Twin-shaft concrete mixer
Aggregate feeder Belt conveyor
Discharging height 3800mm 3800mm 3900mm 4000mm 4000mm
After-sale service Erection & commissioning, operator training
Warranty 12 months after erection
Concrete mixer YJS1000/ SICOMA 1000 YJS1500/
Mixing cycle ≦60s ≦60s ≦60s ≦60s ≦60s
Aggregate batching machine PLD1600 PLD2400 PLD3200 PLD4800 PLD4800
Weighing system Water, Cement, Fly-ash, Additive
Weighing precision ±1%
Air system Air compressor, etc
Control system Type Computer auto-control module with PLC
Control panel board Buttons, lamps, indicators, CCTV, etc
Electric components China CHINT, German SCHNEIDER
Control room With Air conditioner, ≈10m2
 Documentation Foundation layout, Electrical diagram, Operation manual, Spare parts list
Optional Items
Screw conveyor diameter & length Ø219mm/273mm/323mm, L=8000mm/9000mm
Cement silo capacity 30t/50t/100t/200t
Outer plant pack except aggregate bins With dust collector

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HZS belt type concrete mixing plant

HZS belt type concrete mixing plant

HZS belt type concrete mixing plant