HBT Trailer concrete pump

Concrete machine supplied by DASION Machinery

HBT Trailer concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping, which is either mounted on a truck or placed on a trailer, and it is commonly referred to as a line pump or trailer-mounted concrete pump.

HBT Trailer concrete pump application
This pump requires steel or flexible concrete placing hoses to be manually attached to the outlet of the machine. Those hoses are linked together and lead to wherever the concrete needs to be placed. Line pumps normally pump concrete at lower volumes than boom pumps and are used for smaller volume concrete placing applications such as swimming pools, sidewalks, and single family home concrete slabs and most ground slabs.

Features of trailer-mounted concrete pump
1.Suitable for construction works in bridge, electric city, power and any energy constructions
2.Small aggregates or coarse aggregate also can be mixed and transported
3. A flexible way to place concrete where access is restricted for piling industry, foundation works etc,
4.High pressure and 4 support frame
5. Self-sufficiency is a source of pride in rural or urban constructions projects
6. Trailer pump equipment is ideal for placing concrete over long distance, such as inside existing buildings
7.Can be designed in two or on volume capacity
8. Improve construct times, see quicker return on investment and tackle more aggressive residential and commercial buildings or other construction projects
9. Adopts electric motor which is 45kw, 55kw, 90kw, 110kw

trailer-mounted concrete pump working principle
This concrete pump is diesel/electric concrete pump combining mixer-pumps have proven their reliability and versatility on job sits around the world. A transfer tube valve is chosen for versatility and operates reliably with minimal maintenance pumping grout, shotcrete or concrete. Twin-cylinder open loop all-hydraulic concrete pump provides smooth output up to 30cubic yards per hour with industry leading fuel efficiency. Convenient control panel includes electric switches for on/off, forward/reverse and agitator on/off. Hour meter is also located here along with E-stop, fuse panel and ignition switch.

HBT trailer concrete pumps main system


HBT Trailer concrete pump main technical parameters

Items  Units Models and Parameters
HBT40S-10-45 HBT50S-12-55 HBT60S-13-90 HBT60S-16-110 HBT80S-13-110 HBT80S-16-132
Theoretical Max. Discharging volume m³/h 40 50 60 60 80 80
Theoretical Max. Delivery  pressure Mpa 10 12 12.5 15.7 12.5 15.7
Main Motor Power Kw 45 55 90 110 110 132
Max. Delivery distance Vertical m 120 150 180 250 180 250
Horizontal 300 350 700 1000 700 1000
Distribution Valve Type    S valve
Hydraulic Oil Circuit Type   Open circuit
Specification of Delivery Cylinder mm Φ160×1000 Φ200×1200 Φ200×1650 Φ200×1650(1800) Φ200×1650 Φ200×1650(1800)
Specification of main oil Cylinder mm Φ100/Φ70×1000 Φ125/Φ80×1200 Φ125/Φ80×1650 Φ140/Φ90×1650(1800) Φ125/Φ80×1650 Φ140/Φ90×1650(1800)
Oil Tank Capacity L 300 300 420 420 420 420
Hopper capacity L 600 600 600 600 600 600
Max. Diameter of Aggregates mm Pebble: 50,Crushed stone :40
(Length ×Width ×Height)
mm 4970×1680×2580 5270×2000×1840 6170×1800×2100 6170×1800×2100 6170×1930×2100 6170×1930×2100
Overall Weight kg 3200 3500 5100 5200 5200 5500
Pulling Speed Km/h ≤8 ≤8 ≤8 ≤8 ≤8 ≤8

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HBT Trailer concrete pump

HBT Trailer concrete pump

HBT Trailer concrete pump